C3D Kernel – The Core of 3D

"By integrating C3D in our applications, we now deliver robust, high-level functions to our customers in a shorter time than ever before," said Östen Lundahl, Senior Application Architect at Elecosoft Consultec.

C3D Kernel


The C3D Kernel from C3D Labs provides a comprehensive, cost effective 2D/3D kernel for geometric modeling, 2D/3D Constraints and Import/Export of data. The C3D kernel enables software developers to:

  • Improve the product's modeling capabilities
  • Quickly create 3D products to extend existing 2D design systems
  • Greatly reduce the cost of development
  • Enhance the reliability and speed of their software solutions

The C3D Kernel incorporates all three crucial CAD modules covering the three main functional areas of 3D modeling (C3D Modeler), 3D constraint solving (C3D Solver), and 3D file conversions (C3D Converter). These modules may be licensed individually or as the complete C3D Kernel. This comprehensive range of 2D/3D model related capabilities enables C3D Kernel licensees to rapidly and effectively develop world-class engineering applications.

C3D Modeler constructs geometric models, generates flat projections of models, performs triangulations, calculates the inertial characteristics of models, and determines whether collisions occur between the elements of models.

C3D Solver makes connections between the elements of geometric models, and considers the geometric constraints of models being edited.

C3D Converter reads and writes geometric models in a variety of standard exchange formats, such as STEP, IGES, ACIS, XT, STL, and VRML.

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