Market Data & Research

intrinSIM and Services Partners provide services & Market Snapshots related to understanding market data and trends as well as licensing of the Market Observatories containing market research data from Cambashi.

"We see the relationship with intrinSIM working both ways – not only will our data sets add to intrinSIM's impressive market knowledge in providing strategic marketing services to its clients, but intrinSIM's in-depth knowledge of key areas of the technical applications market will also be a tremendous asset to Cambashi." - Tony Christian, Director - Cambashi

Market Observatories
  • Quantitative metrics for historical and forecast market sizing
  • Based on multi-faceted perspective at market data
  • Annual licensing models
Market Snapshots
  • Quick focused graphs based on Cambashi Market Observatories
Market Data & Research Projects
  • Based on Cambashi Market Observatories and intrinSIM market exposure
  • Quantitative data to better understand target markets and potential
  • Qualitative data based on real-world go-to-market experience
  • Results in focused research on the question at hand
  • Flexible pricing models based
Market Reports
  • Design Space Exploration Markets & Opportunites (2018) A collaboration of intrinSIM and Ora Research
  • intrinSIM presentations given at multiple conferences
  • download PDF version of presentations for your reference and use
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