Sculptor API - Reuse 3D Data & Design faster

The Sculptor family of products provides real-time morphing technology for a wide range of 3D models. This "best-in-class" morphing technology has been road tested and proven robust on simulation based shape optimization, the most stringent of morphing applications. Whether you are making modifications to your 3D models, exploring what-if scenarios for analysis, or implementing comprehensive shape optimization, Sculptor can help you easily and efficiently reuse your 3D data.

Sculptor Morph API is an API based library to support real-time 3D morphing embedded in your application.

Sculptor Morph API allows third party developers to leverage our revolutionary Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology to provide real-time 3D morphing technology embedded in their applications. Sculptor Morph API is a library of function calls with an API interface designed to perform free form 3D shape modifications inside your application. The interface includes the ability to: define ASD volumes, modify ASD Volumes, update your model based on ASD volume updates.

Using Optimal Solutions' Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology, you can modify shapes freely in your applications.

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