Technology Distribution

intrinSIM manages reseller based distribution for a range of leading edge engineering applications. Contact us to learn more about becoming a reseller for one or more of these advanced technologies.

  • Data translation plug-ins
  • 2D, 3D and PMI data providing fully integrated transfers into your software solution
  • 3DSMax, Rhino, Solidworks, CatiaV4/5/6
  • Standalone data translation
  • Supports most major CAD platforms
  • Supports export to 3D PDF
  • no CAD setas required
  • Visual codeless process capture & UI design
  • Web deployment
  • Advanced Xcel integration
FMI Add-in for Excel
  • Steady-state and dynamic model simulation integrated in a spreadsheet
  • Batch simulations and parameter sweeps
  • Parallel computations on multi-core platforms
FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink
  • Import and export of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) in Simulink and MATLAB® scripts
  • Static and dynamic analysis of FMUs through design-of-experiments (DoE) functions for optimization, calibration, control design, and robustness analysis.
  • Simulink block-set supporting code generation with Simulink Coder for HIL simulation on dSPACE DS1006 systems
  • Simulink Coder target for exporting Simulink models as FMUs
Modelica Libraries
  • State-of-the-art models for a wide range of industries
  • Easy integration with different application domains
  • The libraries are updated continuously to reflect evolving industry needs, to implement the latest developments in Modelica tools and standards
  • Results compression, visualization, and collaboration
  • VMove products - create compressed format
  • VCollab products - view & collaborate
  • Automatic meta-data extraction
  • Export available to 3D PDF, JT, VRML, PPT, … and many more
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