MeshGems - The Standard For Meshing Technology

"csimsoft made the decision to integrate MeshGems Pre-CAD, CADSurf, and Tetra into Trelis 15.1 and could not be more pleased with that choice. The combination of all three of these components provides our users with the best possible triangle and tetrahedral meshing solution," commented Randy Morris, managing director. "The components are robust and are able to generate very high quality meshes across our large test suite of models."

MeshGems technology suite

is a library of software technologies targeting CAD/CAE application developers to enhance and automate the process of meshing based on industry proven efficient technologies. MeshGems is a collection of component software technologies with a common API based access to support the meshing process.

Surface Meshing

provides the capability to generate a surface mesh suitable for analysis from geometry data. Integrations with ACIS, OpenCascade, Parasolid and Solidworks are included and geometry interfaces can easily be created since access to geometry is through a very small number of function calls.

Mesh Processing

provides the capability to cleanup and modify a surface mesh suitable for application usage and includes both enrichment and decimation capabilities.

Volume Meshing

provides the capability to generate a Volume Mesh from a valid Surface Mesh. Separate modules are available for tetrahedral and hexahedral volume meshing

Mesh Adaptation

provides the capability to adapt Surface Meshes and Volume Meshes for improved solution accuracy.

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