REDsdk – Tomorrow’s Graphics Today

REDsdk is a unified Graphics C++ visualization toolkit to meet your visualization needs on all devices from the desktop to the cloud. REDsdk covers all the graphics features for real-time 2D, real-time 3D and photo-realistic rendering through a single integrated API. The REDsdk API is compact, simple to use and extremely flexible. It also covers related capabilities such as graphic data management, visualization layout, material and lighting setup, application interaction and rendering. Last but not least, REDsdk enables you to store and display data at a high degree of accuracy, using simple or double precision floating point data.

REDsdk makes it possible to process your graphics in the cloud and very efficiently stream the graphics to any browser capable mobile device through the REDnet module. With REDnet, on-site review, distant collaboration or remote work on huge data models becomes real. Simply connect with your smart phone, tablet or laptop and run it in your browser; REDnet lets you connect through any HTML 5 compatible device. REDnet can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS based Servers. All model data remains on the server, so there is no model download time and there are no security issues due to the transfer of critical model data since only images are sent to the client layer through the network.

REDsdk provides an unprecedented balance of graphics performance and visual quality. REDsdk uses proprietary data organization algorithms to enhance the performance level of the system it runs on so that it can deliver the best level of user experience. Millions of graphic primitives, triangles, lines and texts can be visualized, lit, shaded, modified, created and destroyed interactively by REDsdk.





The REDsdk toolkit optimizes graphics performance by leveraging both GPU and/or CPU based graphics. REDsdk natively embeds different rendering technologies including a hardware accelerated (GPU) display and a software display technique based on progressive refinement ray-tracing. Both technologies can work at the same time and produce the same images for the same data and share the data they visualize. REDsdk's internal ray-tracer is capable of using all available CPU cores of the target platform it runs on with performance that scales almost linearly with the number of CPU cores available for the rendering. REDsdk's hybrid hardware/software rendering technology excels when an application has to run on virtualized environments in real-time, without any hardware acceleration available using the most appropriate rendering technology.


REDsdk provides a flexible incremental approach for integration in your application. REDsdk has been designed to easily integrate into another application. Thanks to its flexible interface, REDsdk can co-exist with other graphics solutions to add value for specific graphic needs or to become the reference visualization platform. REDsdk also imports/exports data from a variety of sources and has bridges with key industrial components such as Parasolid from Siemens, the Open Design Alliance, Ascon's C3D math kernel or Autodesk 3dsMax. REDsdk can be used to assemble as many data sources as wished to compose the application layout in one or many windows. Rendering results of different cameras or sources can be composited together to assemble the final image. Background images, foreground indications, multiple scenes can be assembled, merged, sorted and rendered in a custom manner together.

REDsdk can be further extended for photorealistic display through the REDresources module that contains more than 1000 different materials of high quality materials already setup and ready for rendering. Stones, wood floorings, concretes, fabrics, metals, jewelry are only a few categories of materials that can be found in this library. Users can easily change some simple characteristics of the material, like its size, tilling or taint, without the need to get access to more material definitions. A realistic material ensures a correct management of the light energy depending on three fundamental parameters, diffusion, reflection and transmission of the light..

REDsdk is commercially proven next generation graphics technology from REDWAY3D with unmatched technical support used by many companies in the industry, manufacturing, simulation, architecture and design markets. It delivers an unmatched performance for the display of large data assemblies and cutting edge photo-realistic image quality.

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