Technology Partners


Cambashi is an independent industry analyst firm, based in Cambridge (UK) that provides market insights on the use of IT in the manufacturing, energy, utilities and construction industries. Cambashi offers in-depth market intelligence and analysis, either in the form of licensed data services or custom consultancy projects.


Created in 1994 by Francis Cadin, former GOSET's consultant and STEP expert from ISO, Datakit is the leader in the CAD data exchange market. Based in Lyon (France), Datakit also has offices in Marseille and Carcassonne (France).


Company Discretize Inc., based in Covington, Lousiana (USA), is focused on developing solutions to manage geometry representations that are not supported in the realm of tradition CAD. The Discrete Geometry Kernel (DGK) enables customers to easily add advanced faceted geometry support to their applications.


Distene is the leading provider of automatic meshing technology with the MeshGems technology suite. Distene was formed as a pin-off from Simulog in 2004 by Laurent Ann and Mark Loriot. Distene is based just south of Paris (France). The goal of Distene is to provide fully automated processing, by advanced mesh generation technologies.


Digital Product Simulation is recognized for its expertise in the integration of digital simulation in the design process. DPS offers solutions (software and services) for digital continuity in the product development cycle and industrial systems and is involved in the design, modeling and simulation of complex mechanical and multidisciplinary systems.

EASA Software

EASA Software is an independent software company based in Tampa, FL (USA) that provides a codeless rapid application development platform enabling ultra-fast authoring and deployment of web applications which drive almost any underlying model or process.


Modelon is a global expert in model-based systems engineering solutions based on open standards. We give our customers a competitive advantage by delivering a unified picture of product system interaction and performance early and throughout the design process as well as in operations. Since 2005, Modelon has been the leader in developing and supporting Modelica and FMI open standards, allowing customers to leverage their tools of choice and share models throughout the product development cycle.


Starting in 2002, VirtualE3D started an in-house R&D project to developed a high-performance, common visual platform for 3D CAD/CAM/CAE technology named VCollab. Subsequently, VirtualE3D was renamed Visual Collaboration Technologies Incorporated in late 2004 after the company's first release of the VCollab product suite. To date, Visual Collaboration Technologies provides software product and services as well as consulting, outsourcing and customization services. VCollab corporate headquarters is located in Detroit, Michigan (USA), with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Bangalore, India.

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