Market Observatories – Reliable Market Data

The Cambashi Market Observatories offer access to quantitative data based on Cambashi’s research into the global markets for engineering software applications.

The Cambashi Market Observatories allow you to understand exactly what is happening, and what is likely to happen, in the challenging markets engineering software markets. They offer our clients a complete platform for planning / validating sales and marketing strategies, and guiding investment decisions. Thesecomprehensive, consistent and multi-perspective datasets contain detailed information on software investment by country, industry and provider, and on the size of user communities.


The Cambashi CAE Observatory presents worldwide revenues for more than 470 non-EDA companies providing 2D and 3D CAE and physics simulation software based on collaboration with intrinSIM. The scope of the CAE Observatory covers 2D and 3D physics based simulation/analysis software & related services using discretization methods.

CAE has consistently been one of the largest growth portions of the PLM industry for decades and the CAE Observatory presents an unprecedented in-depth set of data with revenue data for more than 470 scompanies commercially selling software along three key axes:

  • Capability - Acoustics, Design Space Exploration (DSE), Electro-Magnetics (CEM), Fluids (CFD), Failure Modes, Manufacturing Processes, Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) Kinematics, Multi-Physics, Optics, Plastics, Pre/Post, Simulation Data Management (SDM), Structures (CSM), Thermal
  • Application - AEC /Civil, Biomedical, Process & Piping, Materials, Mechanical Product Design, Geophysical /Climate, Shipbuilding & Maritime, and Vulnerability
  • Industry - AEC, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Machinery, Process /Pharma, Public Sector, Services, Telecoms /Utilities, Transportation


The Cambashi Product Observatory segments the technical applications market by product group, revenue stream and geographic area for the top 28 software providers. It provides intelligence on technical application software sales for over 65 different products. It is a comprehensive platform for competitive analysis, global and regional planning, and strategic investment decisions. The Cambashi Product Observvatory enables you to:

  • estimate relative market share
  • visualize current trends by technical application and geographic region
  • run what-if scenarios to show risk exposure by industry or product type
  • support regional planning and quarterly and year-end reporting
  • measure performance relative to the market and competitive offerings


The Cambashi Country Observatory provides a snapshot of market opportunity by investigating technical application spend across 50 countries worldwide.. Using a combination of primary public sources, econometric forecasting and our own analysis, this Observatory indicates technical applications spending in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. The Cambashi Country Observatory enables you to:

  • forecast market demand by country
  • perform country-by-country comparisons to derive targets for sales and marketing
  • create a starting point for detailed investigations of one or more country markets
  • account for currency differences between countries and regions
  • reliably identify target markets using a robust statistical snapshot of a country's market demand for technical software applications


The Cambashi Industry Observatory breaks down global technical applications spend into over 110 industry sectors and 53 countries worldwide. We use proven econometric forecasts to predict future spending to 2017 and create a robust resource for market planning. The Cambashi Industry Observatory enables you to:

  • assess market status by industry and territory
  • target specific industry sectors in sales and marketing campaigns
  • plan product developments to align with industry growth/decline patterns
  • identify market opportunities by industry sector


The Cambashi Employment Observatory highlights the potential user base for technical software in over 100 different industries and occupations and across 50 countries. This Observatory provides an estimate of the number of potential users for a product. Its scope extends to 150 occupations and across 110 industries - all in 50 countries worldwide. Using nationally reported data on occupational codes, combined with Cambashi intelligence on industry-wide activities, this is an invaluable tool for establishing market potential before developing and launching a new product or service. Use the Cambashi Employment Observatory to:

  • assess potential user base for a product or service aimed at particular occupations and industries
  • support market penetration by targeting specific user populations within an industry
  • understand the potential demand for software applications by exploring the number of potential users in defined industry sectors and territories


The Cambashi Provider by Industry Observatory maps the revenues of the top 28 global technical applications providers across 11 major industry sectors. The Cambashi Provider by Industry Observatory adds a new dimension to effective marketing. It maps the revenues of the top 28 technical software providers across 11 major industry sectors:

  • AEC
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Machinery
  • High Tech
  • Process / Pharma
  • Public Sector
  • Services
  • Telecoms / Utilities
  • Aerospace and Defence


This information is presented globally and for the three major geographic regions - the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe/Middle East/Africa - enabling both new and existing market participants to clearly assess the competitive landscape. Use the Cambashi Provider by Industry Observatory to:

  • understand your relative market position using a detailed view of competitor revenues
  • understand your relative market position by industry sector and major geographic area
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