intrinSIM Presentations

intrinSIM has authored or co-authored multiple presentations at various conferences related to engineering software technology, directions and trends.

IntrinSIM Presentations

Presentation name Event
Understanding and Enabling the Simulation Revolution 2017 NAFEMS World Congress
NAFEMS 20-20 Business Challenges 1 NAFEMS 2020 Webinar Series
ASSESS Update 2016 2016 NAFEMS Americas Conference
ASSESS Summit Review 2016 COFES
The Changing Role of Simulation and ASSESS 2015 NAFEMS World Congress
Behavior Based Collaboration (co-authored) 2015 NAFEMS World Congress
The Future of Geometry Interaction with Simulation 2015 NAFEMS World Congress
ASSESS Summit Review 2015 COFES
Making a Medial Object Useful in an Engineering Context 2014 Medial Object Workshop
The Changing Role of Simulation 2014 3DCIC & NAFEMS NA Congress
SD and PM for Work-in-Process (co-authored) 2014 3DCIC & NAFEMS NA Congress
Multi-Tiered SDM and LOTAR (co-authored) 2013 NAFEMS NA SDM Summit
Multi-Tiered Simulation Data & Process Management (co-authored) 2013 NAFEMS World Congress
SDM Backbone as an Alternative to SPDM 2012 NAFEMS Summit
Affordable, Effective SDM for SMBs and Workgroups 2011 NAFEMS European SPDM
What's Stopping Widespread Deployment of Simulation Tools 2011 NAFEMS World Congress
Are We Making Progress 2011 CIMdata Simulation Workshop
Broader Deployment of Simulation Tools 2010 CIMdata Simulation Workshop
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