Investment Deployment

intrinSIM with Cambashi,and the intrinSIM Services Partners provide Investment Deployment services offering management assistance in a variety of roles to improve the business operations of the investment candidates including business strategy, business management, technology development, marketing & sales management and operations management.

Investment Deployment services enable an improved chance of achieving business objectives for a specific investment opportunity leveraging expertise, experience and effort from:

Investment Deployment projects include:

Management Assistance Projects
  • Interim management team or Advisory Board membership
  • Facilitates management transitions
  • Results in coverage of key roles to enable transition to long term team
  • Priced on a time & materials basis
Business Management Consulting Projects
  • Business consulting on a planned activity basis
  • Facilitates working through business issues challenges, and transitions
  • Results in efficient access to experience and expertise to address the issue at hand
  • Priced on a time & materials basis

Market Understanding + Domain Expertise = Better Investment Decisions

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